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Urlaubserlebnisse durch das gesamte Jahr

Anni’s Natural Oils

Second to none, only the best for our guests!

All the flowers and plants for our oils and essences are personally collected by host Anni Stock and made with the utmost respect and gratitude for our magnificent homeland! The rhythm of nature – and all its laws – are always respected.


Pine Oil

Use the healing power of stone pine:
Stone pine radiates an incredible vitality, endurance and a lot of warmth.
In many people, this warmth inspires a feeling of security and familiarity.

Primrose Oil

For rheumatic complaints, nerve pain and muscle weakness.

St. John's Wort Oil

Brings light into the darkness of the mind and is sunshine for the soul. Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, helps with bruises, rheumatism and lumbago, has a balancing effect on the lymph nodes.

Lavender Oil

Calms the central nervous system, improves circulation and concentration, and reduces blood pressure.

Arnica Oil

One of the most popular medicinal plants for muscle and joint pain. Has a cooling effect, ideal for use after sport or exercise.

Poppy Seed Oil

Helps to build muscles and support joints.

Calendula Oil

Particularly good for sports injuries, good for tissue.

Mountain Pine Oil

The list of medicinal benefits of mountain pine oil is as long as the ascent from the valley to her high-altitude home. Anni mainly recommends using it for aching limbs, muscle tension and in particular for relaxing the neck and shoulder area.